Book Project

The HTI project was launched as part of a book project exploring the comparative study of human trafficking. A brief chapter outline provide a bit of background about this work. More detail will be added over time.

Understanding Human Trafficking

Preface and Acknowledgements
Lists of Tables and Figures

Section 1: Theories of Trafficking

Ch. 1: Introduction
Ch. 2: Causes of Human Trafficking

Section 2: Types of Human Trafficking

Ch. 3: Forced Labor
Ch. 4. Forced Prostitution
Ch. 5: Trafficking in Children
Ch. 6: International and Internal Trafficking
Ch. 7: The Interrelationships of Trafficking Types

Section 3: Responses to Trafficking

Ch. 8: Domestic Responses to Trafficking
Ch. 9: International Responses to Trafficking

Section 4: Implications

Ch. 10: Policy Implications
Ch. 11: Conclusions

Appendix A: Concepts and Measures
Appendix B: Empirical Models
Appendix C: Robustness Models