The Week in Trafficking

Our weekly links roundup of human trafficking in the news.

Conflict and trafficking

A resumption of hostilities in Kachin state in Burma has increased trafficking to China.

Labor trafficking

A study by the Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland finds that people are being sent to prison for acts committed while victims of forced labor for cannabis production.

76 children were rescued from forced labor in cacao fields and illegal gold mines in Côte d’Ivoire.

13 government-accredited recruitment agencies in the Philippines have been linked to human trafficking practices.

Victim identification

Almost 900 Romanian trafficking victims were identified in 2013, a decrease from the previous year.

In Jordan, 17 cases of human trafficking involving 71 victims were registered in 2013.

In 2013, 363 human trafficking cases were reported in Bolivia, a 900% increase from 35 in 2005, but a decrease from 2012 when 456 cases were reported.


Despite Thailand’s request to be classified as Tier 2 in the yet to be released 2014 US TIP report, a Reuters investigation has found serious flaws in the government’s definition of, and crackdown on, human trafficking.

A mobile app launched in Trinidad and Tobago aims to prevent trafficking in the country and throughout the Caribbean region.

South Africa has proposed a collaboration with Thailand to prevent the sex trafficking of Thai women to the country.

Last week the Vatican hosted an international conference on human trafficking.

The US Department of Defense plans to issue regulations for contractors to prevent forced labor on American military bases, a practiced exposed by Al Jazeera America’s Fault Lines report on rampant labor abuses in Afghanistan.


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