The Week in Trafficking

Our weekly links roundup of human trafficking in the news.

Organ trafficking

A member of the Mexican drug cartel Knights Templar has been arrested on charges of kidnapping people, including children, and harvesting their organs.

Children in Syria are also allegedly having organs taken from them. As a result of the grinding civil conflict, multiple sources suggest that human trafficking (including the trafficking of organs) has increased.

Labor trafficking

The International Trade Union Confederation released a special report, “The Case Against Qatar” , which strongly criticizes the country for migrant workers’ living and working conditions and the increasing number of migrant deaths resulting from its preparations for the 2022 World Cup.

A recent ITV news program highlights the fact that foreign diplomats in the UK have been repeatedly accused of human trafficking crimes; however these accusations remain unexplored by law enforcement due to their immunity from prosecution.

Products made by forced labor within China’s prisons continue to be found in stores throughout the United States, even though these goods have long been prohibited from being imported.


The current Thai Foreign Minister urged the United States to upgrade Thailand’s status from Tier 2 Watch List in the 2014 TIP report based on the state’s recent progress in prevention efforts.

A Vietnamese tailor offers free vocational training for human trafficking survivors, which provides essential skills that lessen the chance of survivors being re-trafficked.

Malaysia will use social media as a tool to raise awareness of human trafficking among youths.

The UN has called on Egypt and Sudan to step up anti-trafficking measures. Thousands of Eritreans are trafficked through the region from refugee camps on Eritrea’s border with Sudan.

The founder of Walk Free Foundation helped launch the Global Freedom Network, a collaboration between multiple faiths and led by the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Grand Imam of al-Azhar in Egypt.

The number of human trafficking cases in Dubai fell by 47% in 2013.

Azerbaijan released numbers of victims identified, trafficking cases, and prevention efforts for the past ten years.


New Mexico passed a law requiring all employers to display a poster with information about the National Human Trafficking Center Resource Hotline.

Liberian president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf released a five-year National Action Plan on Anti-Human Trafficking and committed to vigorously fight human trafficking in the country.

The Nigerian senate passed new human trafficking legislation to require stiffer penalties (up to 7 years in prison and N1 million in fines) for convicted traffickers.


In the  first human trafficking prosecution in the Bahamas, the female defendant was found guilty of withholding passports and forcing women into prostitution.

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