The Week in Trafficking

Our weekly links roundup of human trafficking in the news.

Child trafficking

Al Jazeera investigates children working in mines in India.

Child trafficking and child labor are increasingly common in Lebanon, where many of the victims are Syrian refugees who fled areas of armed conflict. Arrests are being made, but the lack of shelter and rehabilitation programs for victims remain an obstacle.

An NGO in Ghana has given educational scholarships to 31 reintegrated trafficked children to prevent them from being trafficked again.

A UN report outlining human rights abuses in the South Sudanese conflict highlights the use of armed youth by the opposition’s forces.

Forced labor

Sexual exploitation is the most common, and recognized, form of human trafficking in Brazil, but trafficking into forced begging, domestic servitude, the drug trade, and soccer clubs also occurs.

Hong Kong’s policies make life worse for thousands of migrant domestic workers, many of whom are in conditions of domestic servitude.


A new Kickstarter campaign is under way to raise $2,000 for a comic book to fight human trafficking in Nepal. The comic will be about a Nepali family pressured to send their 13-year-old daughter to India to “work” and will be distributed to Nepali communities. A similar campaign was successfully funded and distributed 12,000 anti-trafficking comic books to 110 schools in Mexico.

Border areas continue to draw attention from governments seeking to prevent cross-border trafficking. Jordan launched a trafficking awareness event with the IOM in communities near the Syrian border where there has been a large influx of refugees from the Syrian civil war. A Sudanese government official called on the UN to join Sudan to prevent the trafficking of Eritrean refugees and asylum seekers near the Sudan-Eritrea border. And the U.S. and Mexico collaborated on a joint anti-trafficking training program.

In Nigeria, the Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation will train 400 children to become peer educators on child trafficking. These 400 children will then each train 20 children for 8,000 total child trafficking educators.

A Korean-born artist uses her craft to bring awareness to the trafficking of “comfort women” during WWII.

Anti-human trafficking teams will be based at UK airports starting April 1st to identify victims and traffickers.

The Department of Homeland Security held an event to provide an update on the progress of the anti-trafficking Blue Campaign and solicited feedback from stakeholders.

A book review of Life Interrupted: Trafficking into Forced Labor in the United States by Denise Brennan, an exploration of how immigration policies can fuel human trafficking.


The leader of an international human trafficking ring was sentenced to life in prison in Savannah, Georgia after being captured as part of Homeland Security’s Operation Dark Night.

A raid on a secret trafficking camp in Southern Thailand shows how easy it is for traffickers to hide hundreds of people in the isolated area.

According to the Delhi police, human trafficking cases rose 10% in 2013 and on average 3 trafficking victims were rescued by the police daily last year.

Legislative initiatives

Pakistan may be downgraded to Tier 2 Watch List in the 2014 Trafficking in Persons report warned a senior official who urged lawmakers to make efforts to combat trafficking.

A bill under consideration in Wisconsin would create rehabilitation centers for trafficking survivors with the money confiscated from pimps and traffickers.

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