The Week in Trafficking

Our weekly links roundup of human trafficking in the news.

U.S. News

Legislation is being considered in Maine and Virginia to help trafficking victims.

International News

The Indian government is launching a new web portal to track cases of human trafficking around the country. Collecting accurate and comprehensive trafficking data has been problematic for the government in the past.

This week the IOM Mission in Ecuador began an information campaign in Quito’s international airport to raise awareness of human trafficking.

The number of migrant workers dying while building Qatar’s 2022 World Cup infrastructure keeps rising.

In post-typhoon Philippines a task force has been created and workshops are being held to address the potential exploitation of victims

56 British minors were identified as potential trafficking victims in 2013 (a 155% increase from 2012), along with 1,746 people from 112 different countries.

In Azerbaijan, 62 trafficking survivors received support for rehabilitation and reintegration into society in 2013.

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