The Week in Trafficking

Our weekly links roundup of human trafficking in the news.

U.S. News

The Department of Defense wants to use big data to find human traffickers through the new Memex research project.

U.S. retail groups urge the State Department to keep Uzbekistan as Tier 3 in the 2014 TIP report due to continued use of forced adult and child labor during the cotton harvest.

The Wisconsin state assembly is considering a bill that would let human trafficking victims sue their their traffickers, similar to victims’ rights established in 29 other states.

International News

Circus Kathmandu helps human trafficking survivors get back on their feet by developing circus skills and performing internationally.

Simona Broomes, founder of an NGO combatting trafficking of young girls in Guyana’s mining sector, believes that the TIP reports are raising awareness and encouraging law enforcement.

Sudanese and Egyptian officials are implicated in the trafficking of refugees, according to a new report from Human Rights Watch.

In another update on Myanmar’s Rohingya refugees trafficked to Thailand, Thai police have announced a new anti-trafficking campaign, however, many of those rescued last month could end up trafficked again.

Cooperation among states is necessary to address human trafficking, several former world leaders suggest during the closing of the 17th Eurasian Economic Summit. In two recent examples of anti-trafficking collaboration, Dutch experts will be visiting the Philippines next week, and Myanmar’s government will cooperate with the Australia-Asia Program to Combat Trafficking in Persons.

Fear of retribution, lack of trust in authorities, lack of knowledge about support services, and social isolation are among the reasons why women trafficked in Australia often do not seek help, according to a new study.

While Colombia has made significant progress in addressing its status as a source country for human trafficking, internal trafficking is predicted to get worse.

An investment bank lawyer urges Asian NGOs to focus on the financial aspects of trafficking.

As a new campaign is launched to raise awareness of human trafficking in Wales, figures released show that the number of identified victims rose 47% in 2013. Other countries releasing 2013 data include Bosnia and Herzegovina where 13 trafficking cases were reported (down from 39 in 2012) and Jamaica, where 27 victims were rescued in the past two years.

Child trafficking is a huge problem in Iran, and government officials are complicit.

A UN human rights expert warns that the Sychelles is not immune to human trafficking  and urges the local criminalization of trafficking and the creation of a national prevention plan.

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