The Week in Trafficking

A weekly links roundup of human trafficking news.

US News

UNL professor creates world’s 1st human trafficking journal

How to end modern slavery

How text messages help the Polaris Project zero in on human trafficking

Why are children working in American tobacco fields?

Regulations are killed, and kids die

What’s your slavery footprint? There’s an app for that

Senate passes thorough human trafficking law

“Tricked” a documentary about human trafficking

International News

Brazil’s child sex trade soars as 2014 World Cup nears

Rise in children trafficked to Northern Ireland

Maldives passes bill to criminalize human trafficking

Anti-trafficking act greeted with caution by the HRCM (Maldives)

Child sex trafficking: Why Cambodia?

Cops to clamp down on child trafficking (India)

RCMP unit created to fight human trafficking (Canada)

The abuse of migrant workers in Saudi Arabia

Inquiry reveals hidden problem of human trafficking and slavery in NSW (Australia)

Malaysia an illegal transit point for foreigners

Tackling human trafficking in Japan

The human cost of sex trafficking (Moldova)

16 million women in India forced into sex trade

Human trafficking one of the worst forms of abuse (Trinidad and Tobago)

UN probes Belize human trafficking report

Nigeria: NAPTIP intercepts 300 victims of human trafficking

Bahamas meets int’l standards for human trafficking laws

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